Perception: Changed With Sean Emory

Sean Emory is making a difference! Not only will he blow your mind with amazing sleight-of-hand tricks, perception art, and stunts, he brings a powerful testimony about the truth of Jesus Christ. You will not want to miss this chance to bring a friend to one of the most amazing evenings you will witness.

The show is on Sunday September 6th at 6:30 PM. Doors open at 6:00. Make sure you get your ticket now for just $10.00. Watch for Sean to be making appearances around town during the week to give you a sample of what to expect!

Did You Know?

Sean and his wife Andrea were featured on Good Morning America when he proposed to her with a unique magic trick. A personal moment intended to only be seen by family and friends became a viral video when posted on YouTube, racking up 500,000 views in just one week. The video was shown on major online news sites such as Yahoo, CBS, The Huffington Post, and The Sun before catching the attention of Good Morning America, where Sean and Andrea appeared in an on-screen interview. Their proposal has now appeared on TV and online in 6 continents. The couple was married in 2013. Watch the video here.

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